This week takes us back to the office, facing a bunch of applications and administration in preparation of next year. There are several exciting possibilities for Gyula’s work to be diffused around Europe, whereas with the projects he is still involved with as a performer, a very rich and diverse period of touring is on the horizon. In the beginning of next week he is going to fly back to Budapest in order to prepare the performance of “the Bridge” in Trafó Klub on 19th December. In the frame of the “Contemporary Dance Picnic”, organized by his former school, the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Gyula will perform his first solo, which has been moderately touring the world since its premiere in 2013. in Volksroom, Brussels. If you are interested, you can read more about the piece by clicking here, and you are welcome to join the picnic in December and experience the connection among us.  Kindly invited!
Photoy by Miha Fras