Atelier 21220 founded

On 7th February 2017. a big step was made in the artistic career of Gyula Cserepes. After a period of contemplation he decided to found his very own company of performing arts: Atelier 21220. The aim is to create inclusive performances that could reach a wide audience internationally.
Let us share an anecdote about the beginning of the path, which resulted in this decision:

The very first steps in the field of arts for Gyula Cserepes were made in the sculpting workshop (atelier) of his grandfather, sculptor and painter, polymath, István Csasznyi. Both of them were born in Senta, Yugoslavia and lived in Bečej (with the postal code 21220), Voivodina, an autonomous region of today’s Serbia.

It was this atelier where Gyula would see an abstract concept, an idea coming from the imagination of István, take shape through clay and gypsum to take a final form in bronze before the audience would encounter it. Then he would observe how this “child” of his granddad became an autonomous entity, gaining its own life, meaning and message. It was like magic to Gyula – to see the whole careful and detailed process of making something called: art.

In the cloud of dust and the smell of raw materials, this process of manifesting the imagined got more and more exciting for this kid and he observed with ever growing interest the movements of István, his deep focus – almost a meditative state – as he carved and pressed, created and erased lines, grooves and details. Gyula wanted to participate intuitively and his grandfather would lead him into this magical world step-by-step: first he would allow him to prepare nails and wires for the models, later on he was allowed to touch the clay and shape it, then to help removing the clay from the gypsum negative and so on.

When the rich and diverse life of István ended on Christmas morning 2016 and Gyula held his hands, observing the glow fading in his eyes, Gyula realized where and how did he started to become a man, an artist himself. Out of this admiration and respect he decided to take the name “Atelier 21220” for his freshly founded company of performing arts, where he would like to continue the path, which began on an April morning 1930 in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in a small town on the bank of the Tisza river.