Gyula Cserepes

Coming from Bečej (Voivodina, Serbia), he studied at the High School of Folk Arts in Fót and at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School, Hungary. Gyula is the former member of the Hungarian „Central-Europe Dance Theater” and the Slovenian „En-Knap Group”. During these years, he had the chance to work with Iztok Kovač, David Zambrano, Milan Tomašik, Simone Sandroni and Superamas, among others. In recent years Gyula actively collaborates with the Geneva based Cie Jozsef Trefeli. With their performances “JINX 103” and “UP”, he had toured in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. In 2016. Gyula was invited to Cie Philippe Saire to join the tour of their performance "Vacuum".




photo by Dániel Dömölky

The work of Gyula as an author

includes “Revive the castle”, a site-specific performance, and “New Age Gypsies”, a dance-theater performance. His first independent performance “The Bridge”, was premiered in Volksroom, Brussels in November 2013. Since then, “The Bridge” has been on tour from Mexico to Vienna, Paris to Budapest. "SELFY", the new creation of Gyula has premiered in Španski Borci, Ljubljana (SI) in January 2016. It was chosen to be part of NEXT Festival and DunaPart - the Hungarian Platform of Contemporary Performing Arts in 2017. and has been nominated for the annual Rudolf Laban Award as well.