2016. – present: Cie Philippe Siare (CH)

Photo by Philippe Weissbrodt

As of the beginning of 2016., Gyula started to replace Pep Garrigues in the performance “Vacuum” in the upcoming tour. So far he performed the piece several times in Lausanne (CH), Seoul (RK) and Birmingham (UK).




2013. – present: Cie Jozsef Trefeli (CH)

Photo by Gregory BatardonPhoto by Gregory BatardonPhoto by Gregory BatardonAs a freelance artist, Gyula has collaborated with the company since the beginning of 2013. First he replaced Gábor Varga in the duett “JINX 103” on a South-African tour. The performance has toured the world in it’s 5 years of existence and keeps being the most successful creation of József Trefeli and Gábor Varga. Apart of that, Gyula is in two other shows of the company: “UP” and “Creature”.

2008. – 2012.: En-Knap Group (SI)

Photo by Miha FrasPhotoy ba Miha FrasPhoto by Miha Fras

“En-Knap Group” was established in 2007 by Iztok Kovač, being the artistic director . The company in based in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the theater “Španski Borci”, where they have a big and a small venue, a dance studio, the offices and a little residency space.

2007. – 2008.: Central-Europe Dance Theater (HU)

Photo by Csilla KenyeresPhoto by Csilla KenyeresPhoto by Gábor DusaThe Hungarian contemporary dance company “Central-Europe Dance Theater” is based in Budapest. The ensemble consists of eight dancers, the artistic director at the present moment is Attila Kun. Being a member for one season (September 2007. – June 2008.) Gyula worked with choreographers József Hámor, Krisztián Gergye and Ana Réti in 4 different performances.



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