CABARET MORTALE was the result of a three weeks long collaboration between Gyula Cserepes and local artists from Oxaca, Mexico: Laura Vera choreographer, Giovanni Ortega dancer and the musicians of Paulina y El Buscapie. During an artistic residence they have developed ideas and scenes based on the theme of mortality and the relation humans have towards death. The latter became especially interesting because the European approach to grief is radically different than the one in Mexcio.

CABARET MORTALE was inspired by the customs and tradition connected to death and the deceased in the Carpathian basin and the region of Oaxaca. The form of a cabaret seemed to be the most relaxed to talk about such a heavy topic in a light way. Finally, CABARET MORTALE was inspired by the decadency and frivolous cultural boom of Germany in the ’20-es, ’30-es.