“…Cities have tended throughout history to take on or conserve the religions of their hinterlands, so today there are horticulturalist cities […] Cities, however, tend to dilute the traditional faiths; and the industrialized West especially has reduced religion to an intellectual, philosophical, or psychological exercise. Western city dwellers are typically ecstasy deprived, often turning to substitutes such as drugs to satisfy genetically anchored needs. The practice of ritual postures offers a way out of this dilemma. […] institute religious trance and structure meaningful experience with the help of the postures…”

/Belinda Gore: Ecstatic Body Postures – An Alternate Reality Workbook/

Rave is a ritual on stage during which the equal dialogue between soul and spirit gets transmitted on the language of the body. Through the transfiguration of the performers, the audience could also benefit from the ancient experience of rave. They could get a taste from the balance ruling the world beyond the grey weekdays. Together we try to live through and experience this harmony. The three dancers, like three shamans, transmit sensitivity, harmony and peace.